The Wheel of FortuneTarot Card Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune card reminds the reader that unpredictable events can affect your perfectly calculated plan.

There is a possibility that your path will be obstructed at some point, or rerouted by forces known as fate, destiny, or the universe making things “happen for a reason.”

The Wheel of Fortune card is a reminder that chance and coincidence will ruin your plans, but they can be some of our most powerful collaborators.

Four-Leaf Clover

The unusual four-leaf clover is a genetic mutation of the more common three-leaf clover or shamrock, a member of the pea family Fabaceae. The Druids of Ireland picked shamrocks in silence with their left hand, to ensure that the shamrock will protect them from evil spells and spirits. The rare four-leaf clover, referred to by the Druids as “Mary’s Shamrock,” offered one more additional line of defense. Some particularly ambitious statisticians have actually calculated that there is one four-leaf clover for every 10,000 shamrocks. The rarity of the four-leafed variety makes it one of the world’s most recognizable symbols for luck, chance, and good fortune.