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Here are some more examples of the original family photos and the final finished tarot card collages:
Following the style of my past artwork, I created each card by collaging antique family photographs unearthed during my personal research into my genealogy and family history. My research took me through my recent ancestors from Cuba and led me through an informative and emotional adventure through Spain and Portugal, wars and epidemics, and to the lineages that survived to result in a multitude of descendants.   

As a response to the political and economic unrest of the 1950s and 60s, my family fled Cuba to begin a new life in Miami with limited funds and possessions. The few surviving photo albums and stacks of loose pictures are priceless glimpses into my family‚Äôs homeland and culture from the irretrievable times before the exile. Many of the figures whose images I borrowed for this deck are living members of my family, while others I can only know through these old photographs and documents. 

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