The majestic pine tree is a visual symbol of strength due to its sheer magnitude and sturdiness throughout the most extreme weather conditions. Pine trees, like other conifers, will compensate for the intense force of the wind by stimulating bark growth on the points of highest pressure to keep the tree upright. In nature, the pine tree’s survival mechanisms are reliant on precise control of its structural integrity and constant adaptation to its environment.

The Strength card refers to inner strength, endurance, and persistence in spite of conflict or opposition. Any runner will warn you to resist the natural temptation to release all of your energy at the beginning of the race, in spite of the overwhelming desire to win.

The risk of submitting to this impulse is ultimately exhausting all of your reserves before crossing the finish line. Traditionally, the characterization of Strength is depicted taming a lion, a difficult task that requires patience and trust over time.

This scene is a symbol of the capacity we have to overcome our purest and most animalistic urges and cravings. The Strength card suggests a more calculated and controlled approach rather than acting instinctively or impulsively. 

Strength Tarot Card Meaning