The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning


In Welsh mythology, Gwyddion is a master magician who carries a staff or wand that is carved from the wood of an ash tree. Reaching heights of over 150 ft., the ash tree has been understood to be a connector of realms and an effective conduit for mystical powers. The name of the ash tree is thought to have developed from the Anglo-Saxon word asec, which refers to a ceremonial wand or spear. The ash tree represents the need to rise above the earthly troubles and retreat to a higher plane to achieve a better perspective.

The Hanged Man symbolizes renunciation and acceptance as the key to overcoming obstacles that cannot be crushed by sheer strength or force alone. He is suspended upside down in a defenseless state, but he appears peaceful, relaxed, and trusting.

The Hanged Man proposes that accomplishments are not reached by blindly imposing pure effort, rather by deliberately alternating between effort and release.

This paradox of achieving success by relinquishing control is the central driving force of The Hanged Man card.