The Fool is a picaresque character that is frequently depicted standing at the edge of a cliff, seconds away from a leap of faith that represents taking a risk and entering into a new phase. Leaping requires incredible trust in the unknown, which is only possible by channeling your inner childlike innocence and curiosity. This means letting go of all fear and dismissing all the excuses we learn to depend on as adults.

Decisions based on intuition can seem reckless and illogical, but The Fool encourages the reader to embrace these new experiences and take the risk. In the traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck, The Fool is numbered as either 0 or 22. In gameplay, the earliest use of Tarot decks, the Fool could be considered the lowest value card, the highest or trump card, or a wild card.

The Fool represents Schroedinger’s cat, untapped potential, a pair of unplayed dice. He is only beginning his journey and it could unfold into literally anything by the time he reaches his destination.

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

Rosebuds carry the same potential energy as The Fool. The flower has not fully blossomed yet—reminding the reader that the time just before a bud opens is just as valuable as the moment when the rose fully opens. The rosebud remains closed, condensed, and safe—not concerned with the many struggles it will soon face as the petals open and the new flower becomes vulnerable to the harsh elements. The Fool represents the moments where the future is ripe with possibility.