The marigold symbolizes creativity and passion, especially towards the arts, music, dance, and culture. The vivacious sunset tones of the marigolds emanate the fiery passion and persistence that is revealed through The Magician card. In the first few centuries after Christ’s death and the Assumption of Mary, early Christians would place offerings of gold coins and marigolds around icons of the Virgin Mary, hence the name “Mary’s gold.” An amateur gardener could cultivate a bed of marigolds, as they grow quite quickly when given enough space and resources.


The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

The Magician has been portrayed as both an alchemist and an artist  in tarot decks throughout history. Magic is present in all of us in the form of natural talents and gifts, but it is necessary that we take the initiative to cultivate these skills.

We are each equipped with unique inclinations, interests, and tendencies that must be strongly encouraged. Your talents and abilities can make things happen, almost magically.

The Magician is designated by the number 1, as he is the first character The Fool meets along his journey.

This card is a signal to begin creating, because your unique skills are the ingredients for your success.