The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

The forget-me-not flower represents the crushing desire to bottle up precious tender memories and preserve them for all time. Unfortunately, our fragile human minds are incapable of such a feat. Instead, the forget-me-not flower is exchanged to honor the moments in the present and reminisce about them in the future. 

The Lovers card does not simply function as a symbol of love, relationships, and marriage. It encompasses the entire spectrum of connections that occur through human interactions—people exchanging information and building their individual lives through one another.

The two figures in the card are the artist's grandparents, whose 71 year marriage embodies the Lovers card and inspired its artwork.

This card also represents desire, temptation, and impulse, as The Lovers are frequently correlated to Adam and Eve. The Biblical fall of Adam and Eve is also an established metaphor for disenchantment within personal relationships.

The purity of the initial honeymoon phase is soon dulled by the reality of the other’s flaws. The Lovers have accepted these flaws and built a strong, mature, well-seasoned partnership.