The ivy is an invasive climbing plant that is capable of taking the form of whichever surface on which it chooses to expand its winding branches. Reaching incredible heights of over 90 ft., the ivy can even render a building unrecognizable by covering its façade with a thick, green, tangled coat of green. The ivy comes from the genus Hedera and the species helix. Hedera is Latin for “ivy” and helix, which is Greek and Latin for “spiral,” is a tribute to the plant’s radial growth patterns [1]. In spite of the pre-determined trajectory of the ivy plant, it will ultimately grow according to the circumstances of its environment and gracefully adapt to changes as they arise.


The Tower is a reference to the Old Testament story of the Tower of Babel, also found in the book of Genesis. ​The story depicts a post-Noah’s ark flood society of humans who ambitiously set out to build a tower to heaven. They were unstoppable because of their innate ability to communicate and plan effectively on account of their common language. God became infuriated with the arrogant attempts of the humans and imposed a variety of languages onto the people, making their endeavors impossible.

When the Tower card appears, there is chaos and confusion that are preventing you from achieving your goals. When your lifelong beliefs and dependable are shaken up or no long reliable, it is necessary to change to adapt to your new circumstances.

Although the acclimation process is going to be wearisome, rest assured that you will adapt and that the benefits of the change outweigh the painful sacrifices.

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning