The life of a Hermit is marked by asceticism, a withdrawal from society to seek a life of solitude and reflection.

Aloneness is key in the understanding of this card, and central to releasing any existing tensions at this time. You may have an overabundance of time to yourself, or a serious lack of personal time to reflect or meditate surrounded by your four walls.

The Hermit seeks answers within himself by separating from the distracting buzz of the general population.

When you are alone and everything is dark and quiet, it is best channel for enlightenment, peace, and clarity. 

The Heather flower has been commonly associated with solitude and aloneness. In nature, the heather plant can be found growing in secluded areas with rocky and acidic soil in the most severe temperatures. Certain conditions that may harm other species of plants actually allow the heather flower to thrive. The origin of the Latin binomial of the heather plant, Calluna vulgaris, comes from the Greek kallune, meaning, “to clean.” This represents the cleansing benefits of withdrawal and meditation, as it finally allows us time to navigate through our minds and organize some of the chaos. The challenging setting of isolation is ultimately the most conducive for the Heather flower’s growth.


The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning