The underlying philosophy behind Justice is that every action has a reaction——every decision, a consequence.

Justice appears as a reminder that your present is a result of your past and subsequently, that your future can be improved by making positive adjustments now.

The justice system is strict and unyielding, but it is not entirely resistant to change over time. Numerous brave and resilient pioneers have gone against the grain to create necessary change throughout history. 


The bamboo plant is known as being one of the strongest plants, and definitely the largest member of the grass family. Generations of Asian cultures have used bamboo as a sturdy construction material and as a source of food, since it is fast growing and widely available in that region. Though it has been recognized for its strength, bamboo stalks are also significantly flexible and can resist a great deal of force without snapping. The bamboo is solid and unmoving, but it is naturally prepared to bend and adapt to its circumstances as they change.

Justice Tarot Card Meaning