Tarot Deck Reviews and Etsy Shop Ratings

"This Floriography Tarot calls to the nostalgia of years past - brimming with the beauty of yesteryear. Despite its historic roots, there is a sense of modernity here as well. This deck is incredibly beautiful, well-crafted, and intuitively channeled to create a stunning yet workable piece of art. If you are looking to add a centerpiece to your tarot collection, let me tell you know - this is it! There is something about each card that calls you closer, inviting you to explore the unknown while somehow impossibly concurrently calling you home."

-Luna Celeste Tarot (full article)​

"O B S E S S E D" 

"I tend to be very picky about tarot decks but this one is just beautiful and very thoughtful. Wonderful seller and artist!"
"Absolutely beautiful, and well packaged. Love it love it love it!"
"The whole deck looks elegant and airy, nothing heavy but 78 cards of elegance and nostalgia."  

  -Stephan La Luna (full article)

​"One of the finest artwork of tarot I have ever seen!"
"I think the Floriography Tarot is a fantastic deck for probing the psyche, performing wisdom readings and for contemplative journaling. (...) Even without human heads, the poses in the Floriography Tarot are suggestive enough to elicit intuitive questions critical for deep and contemplative readings. You may get answers from this deck, but I find the questions it asks far more interesting and challenging."

  -Janet Boyer (full article)

"I absolutely LOVE these cards. They give off such a sweet energy on top of being very pretty to look at! I find that they are also excellent in readings and they've become my go-to tarot! Thank you very much!"