The Star Tarot Card Meaning


Across religions, the lotus flower has been linked with a variety of spiritual connotations, purity, and reaching a higher state of consciousness. Ancient Egyptian artwork frequently depicts the blue lotus, which descended into the water at night and subsequently emerged in the morning. The Egyptians had a fascination with death and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth served as the foundation for many of their ideologies. Celestial cycles, such as the sunrise and sunset, as well as the opening and closing of flowers throughout the day came to represent the cycle rebirth and resurrection. In Buddhism, the lotus is a common image meant to symbolize the spiritual awakening and enlightenment of Buddha, also due in part its daily emergence from the water. The lotus’s spiritual associations extend to Hindu traditions, which include the lotus in to represent reincarnation in the cycle of samsara and ultimately reaching the divine state of nirvana.

The Star is a highly optimistic card that shines a bright, healing light after the last few chaotic and confrontation cards (Death, The Devil, and The Tower).

Humans have developed a system of astronavigation for thousands of years using stars and other celestial bodies to calculate their position. Polaris, the North Star, is an easily recognizable beacon in the sky that can be used as a reference point for astronomical calculations.

The Star represents the end of a period of disorientation where you finally find your way and gather your bearings for the long road ahead.