The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

The Empress is the mother earth figure who cultivates life, sprouts creativity, and celebrates fertility. She majestically and proudly overlooks her creations, knowing everything is adequately provided for and will remain well sustained for generations.

This card may bring up questions about our own capacity to nurture and cultivate life, especially when new responsibilities arise.

If The Magician has recently inspired you to take action and plant the seed for something extraordinary, The Empress represents the time it takes the idea to develop before it blooms.

The lush peony embodies prosperity and wealth, as they are abundant throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere. One unique aspect of the peony’s growth process is the symbiotic relationship between the peony flowers and ants. As the bud begins to prepare to open, it secretes sweet nectar that attracts ants. As the ants feast, they stimulate the flowering process of the dense peony bud while simultaneously protecting the flower from harmful insects. The Empress attentively supports and cultivates her creations for them to evolve mutually beneficial relationships like ants and peonies.