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#2 The High Priestess


The deep blue and purple hues of the iris flower have made it a popular symbol for royalty, faith, and wisdom throughout human history. In Greek mythology, the goddess Iris connects the realm of the gods to the human realm through a rainbow. Appropriately, arcoiris, literally translated as “Iris arch”, means “rainbow” in Spanish. This divine connection references the union between mind and body (between the spiritual and the earthly realms) that The High Priestess encourages.

The High Priestess, like The Magician, values the power of innate abilities and skills that are present in every individual. The previous card, The Magician, suggests a more active approach to life and relates specifically to influencing the world with your talents. The High Priestess suggests a more passive and introspective approach. This card is a call to pause, silence all the external noise, and let your inner voice have its turn to speak. The High Priestess is a wise, understanding, maternal, compassionate, and enormously empathetic character. She is frequently associated with the mystical nighttime moon, whose subtle illumination provides the perfect environment to tune into your subconscious mind.