The wands suit, represented by woody tree trunks, is associated with creativity, intuition, and imagination. Picture a magic wand in your hand and using it as a conduit to create everything you want and need. We might not get what we want, but [if you try sometime, you find] we get what we need!

With the suit of wands comes the ambition of a young wizard with endless capabilities and options. There is a wave of inspiration washing over you and you are fueled with unparalleled ambition.

Surf that wave of inspiration as far as it takes you and revel in the fruits of your efforts and creativity. However, It is impossible to evade the occasional failure. You can take those experiences and transform failure to growth as if by magic.

The suit of swords is represented by the birds of paradise flower in Floriography Tarot. This unique flower's sharp and protruding edges are like a bunch of swords extending out from the middle.

In the tarot, the swords suit is symbolic of logic, reason, and the pursuit of justice. Note how the Justice card holds a sword in her hand—a symbol of the immense power yielded by those people and organizations enforcing justice.This sword can indiscriminately slice through any obstacles, but you must ensure that the power is being used for the greatest good.

The swords refer to the power of our mental faculties, logic, intelligence, and even instincts as they are sharpened over time. 

Modeled after a gold coin, the sunflower and the suit of Pentacles both represent wealth, abundance, and material possessions—a theme that continues throughout the suit. The radial golden petals of the sunflower are reminiscent of a round, shiny coin

Pentacles, or coins, as they are commonly depicted, are symbols of  wealth and financial success. Historically, cultures have developed different systems of currency as a form of bartering—gold for goods.

More recently, other materials are used for coins such as nickel, copper, and zinc. At some point, paper bills (which are actually made with linen and cotton) were introduced. Now, currency can be exchanged instantly and commerce can expand globally. 

Minor Arcana Suits

Wands — Tree Trunks

The suit of cups is represented by the tulip flower in Floriography Tarot. The cup cards are  all about channeling your emotions, feelings, and intuition. The tulip/cup/vessel, is always filled with something—good or bad. It can be brimming with happiness, love, feelings of joy, or grief, pain, and sorrow. Sometimes more than one emotion at a time!

If a card with a cup arises in your spread or reading, ask yourself (or querent) how their emotions and feelings are responding to the situation. It could also reference an emotional time, a period of grief, or a time of overwhelming happiness such as a wedding. These cards remind us to check in with the feelings in our bodies and the emotions in our minds . 

Swords — Birds of Paradise

Cups — Tulips

Pentacles — Sunflower