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The swords suit is symbolic of logic, reason, and the pursuit of justice. 

Cups | Tulips 

Wands | Tree Trunks

Swords | Birds-of-Paradise Flower

Pentacles | Sunflowers

Minor Arcana suits

Floriography Tarot Cards Deck


The heads of the 22 characters of the Major Arcana are each replaced by an herb, plant, flower, or tree that represents the symbolic meaning of every card. The symbols are based on the tarot card meanings of the Rider Waite standard tarot. 

The Cups, or Tulips, are always filled with emotion— happiness, love, and joy, or grief, pain, and sorrow.
The Wands suit is associated with creativity, intuition, and imagination.


Pentacles represent wealth, abundance, and material and earthly possessions.