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Card 0: The Fool 
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About the Deck

Floriography Tarot is a 78 card Tarot deck inspired by the Victorian art of Floriography, the language of flowers. 


The heads of the 22 characters of the Major Arcana are each replaced by an herb, plant, flower, or tree that represents the symbolic meaning of every card.
birds of paradise

The Minor Arcana suits are: 
Card 21: The World
(Wild Grass)
tree trunks
Card 3: The Empress 
By replacing heads with other forms, an almost-religious distance is created between the viewer and the characters in the artwork, obscuring their identity and creating a sense of mystery and reverence towards the figure. Over time, as with saints, gods, deities, and mythological figures the characters’ identities have deconstructed into symbolism and imagery rather than a recognizable and unique individual.