-Review by Stephan La Luna

​​​Floriography Tarot is an independently published, handmade tarot deck inspired by the Victorian custom of floriography, or "the language of flowers," through which people exchanged messages and expressed their sentiments using floral symbols. In this deck, you will find ancient interpretations of herbs, plants, and flowers, as well as classic Victorian symbolism and more current interpretations for the modern Tarot reader. 

The Minor Arcana suits are:

The heads of the 22 characters of the Major Arcana are each replaced by an herb, plant, flower, or tree that represents the symbolic meaning of every card.

About Floriography Tarot

The whole deck looks elegant and airy, nothing heavy but 78 cards of elegance and nostalgia.

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Wands—Tree trunks
Swords—Birds of Paradise flowers