The Lovers card feature the artist's grandparents, whose 70 year marriage (and counting) embodies the soul of the Lovers card.  

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​​​​​​​​Floriography Tarot is a flower and plant themed tarot deck inspired by the Victorian custom of floriography, or "the language of flowers."

Each card features parallels to the 78-card Rider Waite Tarot as well as historic interpretations of herbs, plants, and flowers.  more current interpretations for the modern Tarot reader. 

The heads of the 22 characters of the Major Arcana are each replaced by an herb, plant, flower, or tree that represents the symbolic meaning of every card.

Artist and creator Ana Haydeé Linares creates complex collages characterized by the use of 19th and 20th century vintage photography, a lot of which was discovered throughout years of genealogical research into her ancestry in Cuba and Spain. 

​Floriography Tarot  began  as an ambitious art series that continued on to be a full tarot deck, which is now enlightening and inspiring hundreds of tarot lovers all over the world.  

Floriography Tarot is appropriate for both beginner and advanced tarot card readers! For those who have never done a tarot reading before, I recommend learning the cards by following along with the Floriography Tarot Companion Book.

Now, it's time to create your future with Floriography Tarot!